Eachine Light-3D Brushless Gimbal conveys a concept of simplicity

Eachine Light-3D Brushless Gimbal

With RC airplanes becoming increasingly popular, demands for gimbals are also rising, even Xiaomi develops gimbals too. But today what i want to introduce is Eachine Light-3D Brushless Gimbal which is compatible with Mobius 808 camera.
Eachine Light-3D Brushless Gimbal
As far as i am concerned, this Eachine Light-3D Brushless Gimbal has no highlights compared with others, but it remains the features that a gimbal should own. First of all, as no one will like troublesome installations, this gimbal is assembled and debugged, standing by for your flight at anytime. In general, it has a compact structure, at size of 8.3*8.3*13cm. Weighing at 232g, what you get is a light-weight gimbal but of high strength.
Eachine Light-3D Brushless GimbalFlying with Eachine Light-3D Brushless Gimbal, the world will be showed in front of you in different and special ways because this gimbal can achieve various angles including pitch, roll and yaw, and you are able to shoot from different angles. Besides, by equipped with a micro 3-axis gimbal driver board and three brushless gimbal motors, Eachine Light-3D Brushless Gimbal can give you quick responses and flexible reaction, so you won’t miss any shooting opportunities.
Eachine Light-3D Brushless Gimbal
Creating new features are surely good, but sometimes simplicity is better. Eachine Light-3D Gimbal gives you a simple but complete gimbal.

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