Xiaomi Yi Brushless Gimbal enables your XiaoYi Sports Camera to do more for you

If you just hold your Xiaomi XiaoYi Sports Camera by hands to take photos, then you are burying the camera’s talent! Do you know that a gimbal specially designed for XiaoYi camera has been manufactured? Xiaomi Yi Gimbal makes it possible for your camera to do aerial photography. Today, let’s make friends with this new member of Xiaomi family.
Xiaomi Yi GimbalThis is a beautiful gimbal. Xiaomi Yi Gimbal is assembled and debugged, as long as you simply connect it with your quadcopter, then it can fly and shoot for you. It owns a compact structure, light weight but high strength, and adopting CNC Aluminum alloy processing, enabling us to have a stable shooting effect.

So far, i have been very impressed with it. Xiaomi Yi Gimbal has a built-in 3-axis gimbal driver board and is equipped with three brushless motors, which makes the gimbal react fast and very flexible. It can reach various angles, so it is no problem for us to capture unique pictures from unique angles.

Xiaomi Yi Gimbal makes your Xiaomi XiaoYi Sports Camera more valuable and practical, why don’t you let them unite?

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