TSR 2000 Quadcopter’s autobiography

TSR 2000 Quadcopter

Hello, everyone! My name is TSR 2000 Quadcopter, i am from Tenink. It’s my honor to be here to introduce myself. I know there is a large number of quadcopters in the market, and most of you feel difficult to select a good one. So, today, i come here to recommend myself to you, and i believe i am the best one.
TSR 2000 QuadcopterMy background of growth

I’m a agile little racer. As you can see, i am mini, but don’t look down upon my small body, i am strong! I am mainly made of carbon fiber, this material gives me a light but rugged structure, and of course, you will benefit a lot from my strong body. Based on this, i also bring you something new, they are vertical fins and aluminium, so i can offer you rapid forward flight and incredibly stable turns.

As a healthy quadcopter, i surely have essential components. I integrate Emax 1806 2300KV Motor, 12A ESC, 6030 Propellers and a bluetooth module. I can assure you that i will not ask for  sick leaves frequently if you value me as i value you.
TSR 2000 QuadcopterWhat you can get from me

This must be the question you most concern. I am confident that I’ll not let you down. I has been designed with everything you need to get off the ground and start racing.

First of all, I can give you ten-minute flight time. Secondly, because i am a racer, of course i can make you fly at high speed, my highest record is 25m/s. Thirdly, if i work for you, you can get real time image transmission with high definition. However, as a quadcopter, it is inevitably to get sick. For your convenience, i have created the integrated module design based the main board. So when i am uncomfortable, you can easily and quickly disassemble me to fix my components. Furthermore, with the built-in bluetooth module, you are able to set parameters and upgrade firmwares via APP.
TSR 2000 QuadcopterNotes:
Actually, i have a strong sense of teamwork. I believe i can cooperate well with other firmwares, like a remote controller and Mobius camera.

Choose me, i will try my best to give you the best.

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