With JJRC H10, you’ll no longer hesitate when making buying decisions

Although RC aircraft is becoming increasingly popular, there are still many people have no idea about how to select a suitable drone. If you are hesitating now, i can recommend one to you, that is JJRC H10. Enthusiasts must know a series of JJRC quadcopters that are affordable and can satisfy both of your desire to shoot and flight, and this JJRC H10 is no different.

JJRC H10JJRC always considers large number of consumers’ feelings. It creates quadcopters with affordable price, so even we are ordinary people, we are able to own a drone and enjoy happiness from flying.

JJRC H10 is able to fly 8 minutes with remote control distance of about 100m. Fortunately, it just costs one hour to be charged fully. If you open the headless mode, JJRC H10 will automatically lock into the take-off direction no matter where it is, and one key return home function enables the drone to find its way home easily.

A more stable flight is guaranteed. Equipped with a 6-axis gyro, you can enjoy a smooth flight even in the wind. Also benefiting by the gyro and 2.4G DSSS controller,  H10 quadcopter is capable to fly further without other controlling signal interference, and manages to perform its flying skills, like turn left\right, fly up\down and forward\backward, side flight, 360 degrees spin, wings flap, 3D rollover. No one will not admire its superb flight abilities.

JJRC H10When you are addicted to flying, don’t forget you can also shoot! Actually, this JJRC H10 comes with two versions, they are same excepting that the another version doesn’t provide a camera but you can install by yourself, and of course, that version without camera is at a lower price-US$33.99. This version with camera equips with a 2.0MP cam, making it possible for HD aerial photography.

JJRC H10 can fly both indoor and outdoor, and with LED lights, you can play it in the daytime or in the dark . So fun it is! Hope JJRC H10 can help you make a buying decision easily.

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