6 In 1 Solar Robot Gives Your Kids A Happy Children’s Day

6 In 1 Educational Solar Toys

Following the last time when i recommended 7 In 1 Solar Space Fleet to you as Children’s Day’s gift, today, i bring another recommendation to you, that is 6 In 1 Solar Robot. Just seen from its appearance, we can know that it is environmental. Besides, it is also educational and enjoyable, which is a perfect gift for your children.
6 In 1 Solar RobotCompared with 7 In 1 Solar Space Fleet, 6 In 1 Solar Robot has a wider applicable age range that is over two years old. This is a DIY toy that needs to be assembled by your children. The process can not only practice kids’ brain, but also develop their creation. Or you can also play with your kids to witness every progress of them, which would be very happy as parents.
6 In 1 Solar Robot
6 In 1 Solar Robot can assemble up to 6 different models, including car, puppy, airboat, plane, windmill and revolving plane. What’s more, each model performs greatly if you put it under direct sunlight. In this way, kids be educated by solar energy , it also helps arouse their interest in science. For indoor fun, you could use a 50 watt halogen bulb. The way the model look under the light will surprise you.
6 In 1 Solar RobotSend a 6 In 1 Solar Robot to your kids and give them a ever happy Children’s Day!

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