MJX X600 makes x-series hexacopters more powerful

MJX X600

After launching MJX X300, X400, X500, a new model of X-series–MJX X600 is coming. Just viewed from the outside, we can know it is in excellent workmanship. Although many functions remain the same, most of which are improved in MJX X600. Today, let’s get to know how well these improved functions work.

MJX X600
MJX X600 is 38.5*42.5*6cm at size, with headless mode and one-key-return, ensuring you to have easy operations. It offers about 8.5 minutes flight time with full charged battery.

MJX X600The same as X400 and X500, MJX X600 doesn’t provide a camera but with the intelligent identification PCB, the quadcopter can be mounted with high-pixel camera and take video when it is flying. During your shooting, the camera angle is adjustable and videos will be generated as AVI format.

You can not only record what your camera sees, you can also have a real-time viewing through the  loadable FPV module this copter comes with, which enables you to mount with camera set of C4005 or C4006 and install the “MJX C4005\4006 FPV” software to your smart phone, then videos and photos taken by MJX X600 will showed alive on your phone.

MJX X600Compared with other quadcopters, one of MJX X600’s strengths lies in rolling. With the equipped 6-axis gyro, this drone can easily implement 3D ‘n’ rolls. It also features one-key-roll at any channel and manual roll at high speed channel. All these allows you to enjoy the fun of rolling that others cannot give you, but make sure that your hexacopter is flying 3 meters above the ground.
MJX X600Besides, MJX X600’s controller comes with fantastic configurations. First of all, it adopts 2.4GHz radio control technology that is significantly better 27MHz radio technology, offering transmission distance up to 10m and low energy consumption.
MJX X600Secondly, the 2.4GHz technology results in rapid response speed. As the picture below show, the transmission speed of radio wave of 2.4GHz is obviously faster than 27-72MHz, which is about 300000 km\s! Also, it owns powerful anti-interference capacity, allowing your MJX X600 to flight smoothly with other quadcopters flying at the same time.
MJX X600Colorful searchlight not only makes your night flight much easier and safer, but also makes the helicopter look more attractive.

MJX X600
Last but not least, MJX X600 also offers four throttle control modes enabling you to freely switch. With so many fabulous features, why not experience in person?

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