Open source Pixhawk Flight Controller

No one likes closed source system. Luckily, Pixhawk brings us a open source flight controller this time, with rich peripheral and redundant design. Pixhawk Flight Controller is surely a good choice for our aircraft.
PIXHAWK Flight Controller
Maybe some of you don’t know exactly what open source means. Therefore, in the beginning, let me introduce briefly how we can benefit from open source. Compared with closed source, products with open source system will be more reliable on quality. That is to say, Pixhawk Flight Controller is high quality product. On the other hand, with open source, when some problems regarding the product occur, you can soon find out solutions contributed by other people.

Pixhawk Flight Controller adopts 32-bit ARM CortexM4 advanced high-performance processor, it also allows you to run NuttX RTOS real-time operation system. Eight of its 14 PWM/steering engine outputs have security and manual control functions, ensuring a safer operation. Also, the Backup System integrates mixing functions, providing automatic and manual mixing mode, which makes our operation convenient.
PIXHAWK Flight Controller
Furthermore, Pixhawk Flight Controller owns redundant power inputs. In case there is one input broken, it can also continue to work. The multicolor LED lights make it additionally attractive.

PIXHAWK Flight ControllerOpen source Pixhawk Flight Controller with redundant designs offers extra safe guarantee, you can consider to have one for your aircraft.

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