Syma X8W & Syma X8C Quad Copter

Syma X8W

Actually, Syma X8W shares many common features with Syma X8C including size, appearance and some functions. But as they are different models, there must be some differences between them, so first of all, let’s figure out how they differ.
Syma X8WSyma X8CPrice is always the prior issue we take into account. And you are right, Syma X8W and Syma X8C are charged at different prices in Banggood. As you can see on the pictures below, Syma X8W is ten dollars expensive than Syma X8C .

Syma X8W Syma X8C
But setting higher price has its reasons. Although both of them own a built-in camera, the Syma X8W ‘s is a WIFI camera,which means you can transmit the live image to your phone by connecting WIFI. While Syma X8C doesn’t have this function. What’s more, Syma X8W is a FPV quad copter, but Syma X8C is more like a copter with general shooting function. Also, on the basis of available at orange and white, Syma X8W has an extra version-black.

Shared specs and features:

  • Product Size: 50 x 50 x 19 cm
  • Playing Time: 7mins
  • Control Distance: 100m
  • With headless mode function
  • The 6-axis system allows the quad to be hand launched.
  • 6-Axis gyro quad-rotor craft flight, strong stability,can easily implement various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control.
  • The quad copter can fly both indoor and outdoor.Including 4CH digital proportional RC system.
  • With LED lights
  • Function: Video/Photograph/Raise & Down/Forwards & Backwards/Left & Right Turning/Left & Right Flying/Hovering/360 Degree Rotating


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