The King of Intelligent Pilotless Aircraft, 3D Robotics SOLO

3D Robotics SOLO

As is known to all, aerial photography is so popular nowadays and it has become the most important use of unmanned aerial vehicles(UAV). Basically all Hollywood movies use UAV to do aerial photography in replace of the traditional helicopters. Even a great many shutterbugs lovers start to use unmanned planes to take aerial videos/photos.

3D Robotics SOLOHowever, there are some requirements when operating a pilotless copter, that is, you must master the basic knowledge and operation skills of model aircrafts . Except from the basic skills like take off, landing, simple hovering, to get blockbuster-like videos/photos, you must operate the aircraft accurately to adjust it into the expected route, such as straight line, arc, equal radius circles etc. It is extremely hard even for some experienced pilots, not to mention the beginners.

Are there any smarter pilotless airplane who can read the purpose of its owner, and fly automatically? Come and see what 3D Robotics SOLO shows you!


Fantastic appearance

As we can see, the exterior design of SOLO is very modern and fashionable. With four cocking-up axes, it is more convenient for GoPro to work(GoPro is a wide-angle camera, so the rotating wings are likely to appear in the frame during filming)

3D Robotics SOLO 3D Robotics SOLO-2SOLO goes directly with GoPro Hero4 and a 3-axis gimbal to keep stable, and highly integrates Image transmission with Attitude control system.
3D Robotics SOLO

Multi-functional remote control

There is a mini screen in the center of the remote control to inform you the flight status and parameters, which is extremely necessary for a flight. Instead of adopting digital image transmission system, the image is transmitted to controller first, then to the mobile or tablet by a built-in Wifi module.
3D Robotics SOLO 3D Robotics SOLO 3D Robotics SOLOIt is worth mentioning that you can take off, land, or instantly pause with a single touch on the remote control. The controller is able to control the pitching, tilt angle, as well as the record/pause of GoPro during a flight. Meanwhile the built-in possessing chips in controller will record your flight data, just like the black box of a airplane.
3D Robotics SOLOThe display of SOLO APP contains two parts. The left one shows the FPV image while the right shows the satellite map of the aircraft trace.


How to make flight easier?

1.Rectilinear flight

Create a flight trace with the APP, then the aircraft will achieve the flight from the starting point to the terminal point. All players need to do is to concentrate on camera control and shooting.
3D Robotics SOLO2.circling  flight

Focus on the target object and start the Orbit mode, then the aircraft will circling in the expected radius. Meanwhile players can control the flight speed and gimbal direction, endowing you with a perfect and smooth image.
3D Robotics SOLO3.Selfie function

Put yourself in a beautiful scenery, let the camera face to you and start the Selfie mode. The aircraft will center on you and fly away slowly to the limit and fly back.
3D Robotics SOLO4. Following shooting

Once start the follow mode, the aircraft will keep the distance between the controller and itself. No matter where you are and what you are doing, SOLO will follow you automatically and do recording all the way.
3D Robotics SOLOThe limit remote distance of SOLO reaches half a mile. It will be produced in may in America, and come into global market in June and July at the price of $1000.


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