T-Motor MN1806, A Super Light Brushless Motor


T-MOTOR MN1806 1400KVRecently, Tiger launched a high-performance brushless motor called T-MOTOR MN1806 1400KV Motor, especially for multi-rotor aircraft such as quadcopter and hexacopter. Coming with the biggest size among its brother versions, 1806 is compatible with relatively bigger copters.
T-MOTOR MN1806 1400KVOverall Structure And Material
First of all, with a very decent and compact packing, you can send it to a friend as a birthday gift.Weighing only 18g, the motor makes the your copter more power-saving and efficient.

Brushless design
T-MOTOR MN1806 1400KV can serve longer time and save us much money compared with a brushed one. The carbon brush of the traditional brushed motor, need to be changed regularly, and also bring up the upload on your copter. However, with a brushless one, you save a lot of cost without changing the brush. The motor is lighter and can work more efficiently and powerful on your quad copter.

We know that the motor and battery both get fever easily during a flight. However, with epoxy-coated Kawasaki stator plates for low eddy current loss, oxygen-free copper winding for low resistance, and N45UH high-temperature Neodymium magnets, T-motors are highly efficient and still maintain good performance even up to 180°C. On the other hand, the anti-fever design also prolong the service time of your motor.

Now you see, even a small motor counts a lot during a flight, so think twice before you buy it. Based on the integrated design and my own experience, I am sure that the T-MOTOR MN1806 1400KV won’t let you down.

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