Except shooting, UAV also owns these practical value


With more and more capital and industries entering UAV field, UAV is in a diversifying trend of development. Geeks capitalize on their fantastic creativity making UAV has relationship with all industries. And this will drive UAV to develop towards broaden applications at a rapid speed. Perhaps current UAV market is just like the eve when smart phones blew out. When an increasing number of people set out to own a brand new angle of fly, those who still regard UAV as a flying camera are as ridiculous as the people with opinions that phones just can be used to call and send messages.

As a matter of fact, at present, UAV hardware, the open of UAV and so on, they all sharply decrease its development and manufacturing time, which allows enthusiasts even beginners or college students, to really enter this field so as to create valuable exploitation on the basis of current mature UAV. As the leader of global UAV industry, in 2014, DJI firstly tried to lead developers to redefine UAV just like how people create phone Apps through opening SDK. Nowadays, SDK that focuses on DJI Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 is going to come on line. Let’s see several special works from teams participating the 1st DJI Developer Contest and know about how they put creativity and efficiency into practice.

Flying Traffic Police is a very innovative project. Simply speaking, as the third party,UAV takes place of traffic polices to fast collect evidences of traffic accidents. This project can automatically deliver information, including accident location received by Wechat,  to UAV, then the UAV will get to the place through self-navigation to collect evidence according to the track drawn by system. Besides, it also features position fine-tuning, one key to obtain evidence or manual forensics and one key to return, etc. It solves the problem that traffic polices are not able to arrive at scene quickly due to jam. Furthermore, this system greatly simplifies the operation of UAV and accelerates UAV ‘s development towards police application. In many articles showing the diversifying growth of UAV, this creativity is often used as an example. It is also an excellent evidence that UAV is entering our daily life.

DJI Inspire 1
Quick Identification is to identify synchronously figure images received from DJI quad copters and keep track of specific characters. What is distinctive is that the counting module in this App is able to count number of passengers and display on the top right corner of screen,and shows people’ location on video area. In addition, it can achieve the function of human tracking through computer vision technology. By pointing out specific characters , it can track them within visible range of camera.

It also owns some basic function like threshold adjustment. Its usage will make real-time monitor for visitors flow rate, emergencies,supplement to fixed monitor and prevention of stampede more convenient.

From now on, with UAV ‘s functions of figure identification and tracking becoming precise and sophisticated gradually, it is believed that we can react quickly when emergencies take place in large-scale events.

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