DJI UAV manufacturer won $75 million in financing


Today, China’s civil UAV manufacturer average ( Shenzhen DJI innovation technology co., LTD.) and top VCs Accel announced that the average has earned $75 million in financing from Accel. It is less than $200 million which hearsay half a month ago. According to industry sources, this is just a part of the financing, there are other financing news will be announced in the near future, will reach even more than $200 million.

djiThis is the first time DJI announced funding information, is likely doing warm-up for the previous rumors of IPO. At present, DJI owned more than 60% market share in the global civil UAV. Among them, 70~80% exports the European and American countries, 20~30% of sale in domestic market. Sales increased from 300 million in 2010 rose to nearly 2.8 billion yuan in 2014, 2015 is expected to reach $1 billion, this means that it is likely to become the first company in the field of consumer drones over 1 billion.

The investor Accel is more concerned about the UAV market all the time, cast several other startups, such as H16Z lead investor, Accel H16Z led with Skydio, etc. This is one of the largest investment by Accel, they said met within more than 100 UAV software and hardware-related start-up companies in a year and ultimately made the decision.


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