Cheerson CX-22 quadcopter will be released soon

Cheerson CX-22

Cheerson CX-22After the popular Cheerson CX-20, finally was released the latest Cheerson CX-22 quadcopter. The Cheerson CX-20 has proven to be a fierce DJI competitor, and I believed that the CX-22 will also make us surprised.

The Cheerson CX-22 quadcopter is so similar to the Cheerson CX-20 quadcopter but a bit difference. A leaked video of the upcoming quadcopter drone has been making rounds on the internet, if you want to know more details about the CX-22, you can search “ Cheerson CX-22 Video Leak” on YouTube and you will find the video. From the video we can see that the FPV gear, including FPV monitor is clearly in the video, and the controller has an LCD display. The 5.8GHz transmitter with extended flight range and LCD screen to display the flight parameters.

Cheerson CX-22 quadcopter product video

On the other hand, compared to the older popular CX-20, this new model has more features. As usual, the Cheerson CX-22 quadcopter comes with GPS. As we all know that, most of quadcopters are fell out from the sky because of poor wire soldering, and this model has quality soldering, which can solve this problem. Besides, the CX-22 can be achieved with higher capacity battery and well designed propellers.

What’s more , this model is going to have headless mode, onboard camera and other good features. Also, the CX-22 appears to be part of the new CX-x2 series. Because its model numbers ending in‘2’. Such a powerful quadcopter, what do you think will be the price of the new Cheerson CX-22 quadcopter? When I have more details about the specs and features about it, I will share them with you!

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