The Experience of Galaxy Visitor 6 Quadcopter

Galaxy Visitor 6Each boy has a flying dream, so does me. When the DJI Phantom 3 released in early April, I was helpless. But because of a shortage of supply, until early May can not buy. Luckily, a friend sent a Galaxy Visitor 6 quadcopter to me, so I can play it while waiting for the Phantom 3.

Galaxy Visitor 6It is not hard to see from the propaganda and found that the four aixs aircraft’s features are:

  • 2.4 GHz 100 meters FPV image real-time transmission, real-time monitoring
  • 1.2 million pixel camera
  • with failsafe function ( low voltage, all LED lights flash alarm)
  • Flight time: about 10~12 minutes
  • But the Galaxy Visitor 6 quadcopter missing a return key and headless mode on the previous generation of two-thirds of both, this is a bit confusing.

Nine Eagles is a local company of Shanghai, its main production craft is mainly helicopters, four fixed-wing, axles and so on. Galaxy Visitor 6 should be a series of new products, a total of three colors, namely red, black, green, black, gray, modelling and graphic design is probably the last reference line evangelion EVA.

Galaxy Visitor 6Because it is the first flight, so I choose a relatively wide track and field. For thousand yuan price of the toy, the Galaxy Visitor 6 outer packing is very elegant. All printed in English, and can’t see the Chinese, it seems that the main market is overseas.

Galaxy Visitor 6Opened the box, peeled hard plastic cover shell, you can see the real machine, fluorescent green with gray, is a glaring exception. In addition to the vehicle body, there are many accessories, such as remote control, FPV mobile scaffold, spare propeller 4, a battery, USB charger, 2G IF cards and readers, instructions in both Chinese and English. But there is no propeller protection frame, you should pay attention to the flight safety.

Galaxy Visitor 6 Galaxy Visitor 6In the front you can see the first half of ontology is transparent green plastic material. Looking down, the nose is fluorescent green propeller, the tail is black, distinguish the nose the tail is particularly important in the flight manual.

Galaxy Visitor 6 Galaxy Visitor 6Close-up side, you can see really good body work.I ever played with some of hundreds of pieces of toy vehicles, like MJX X400, the fuselage is like the moon cake packaging hard plastic material, so the gap is quite obvious.

Galaxy Visitor 6Besides, it comes with a 120W pixel camera, you can adjust down about 15 degrees. Camera traces are exposed. With respect to the body, the remote control works on a little mediocre, and there is no Right Hand Throttle and Left Hand Throttle switch. On the other hand, you can see the body actually very light, official data is 115g, it is lighter than an iPhone6.

Galaxy Visitor 6 Galaxy Visitor 6 Galaxy Visitor 6Galaxy Visitor 6 Before flying, connect the power, open the remote control, push the throttle slightly, ready to take off. Always keep the tail towards you, will be more and more better for primary pilots, flight smoothly, and remote control is more flexible. And the tail will prompt with red light, so that you can see more clearly in the night, if you fly too high during the day you will find that it is difficult to determine the hand and rump.

Galaxy Visitor 6 Galaxy Visitor 6 Galaxy Visitor 6 Galaxy Visitor 6 Galaxy Visitor 6The official claimed that remote distance of this quadcopter is 100 meters, but actually it has flown out of the range of 100 meters.

Galaxy Visitor 6Galaxy Visitor 6Galaxy Visitor 6After all, the Galaxy Visitor 6 is a toy, which is equipped with a 1.2 million pixel camera, so I am not have high expectation about it, but still surprise. I used it record a small video shoot, because there is no image stabilization, look a bit dizzy. In a word, this product is bot bad.

Galaxy Visitor 6 Galaxy Visitor 6 Galaxy Visitor 6 Galaxy Visitor 6 Galaxy Visitor 6 Galaxy Visitor 6 Galaxy Visitor 6 Galaxy Visitor 6 Galaxy Visitor 6Source:dgtle

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