T-motor MN2204, An Improved Version of MN Series


Having launched MN1804, MN1806, T-motor newly developed T-motor MN2204, a small size member of MN series, for micro multi-rotor market.

Only 4 grams heavier than the MN1806-2300 and 6 grams lighter than the MN2206 (26 grams with wires, connectors and prop hub), T-motor MN2204 runs more efficient and stronger than its brother versions. Perfectly supporting T-motor 5,6,7 inch CF crop, they can run larger props to produce more thrust, which allows a high efficiency. Spin your props with added power and authority –  and they run SOOO smooth with more power to spare!

T-motor MN2204Moreover, T-motor MN2204 features T-motor precision workmanship. Materials from world renowned Japanese manufacturer Sapporo Precision, Inc., it can run smoothly and keep balanced right out of the box, which cuts down on vibrations that can negatively affect aerial video and autopilot inertial sensors. You can enjoy a stable and smooth photography experience from it.

T-motor MN2204Besides, T-motor is equipped with epoxy-coated Kawasaki stator plates for low eddy current loss, oxygen-free copper winding for low resistance, and N45UH high-temperature Neodymium magnets, which makes it highly efficient and maintain a good performance even up to 180°C. So you won’t worry about the overheat problem of motors.

T-motor MN2204Above all, as a newly developed motor, T-motor MN2204 really owns much improvement compared with its previous version, which makes it worth trying! So don’t hesitate to get an improved efficient motor for your aircraft!

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