More and more simple, Mobile phone seconds UAV


Certainly, I believed that you have seen a lot of UAVs, but I think this “ PhoneDrone” will still make you surprised. It can make your phone change to flight mode, into an unmanned aircraft.

Use it, put it in one’s own mobile phone first. And the height of the flight line need designed by you , and you can let it follow you. PhoneDrone can accommodate iPhone4s and above versions of mobile phones and the most common android phone. Its operation is very simple, set your PhoneDrone, open the application, choose the required type of flight, including mission, following me, fly freely. And then fold the modelling of the UAV, it can wait a few seconds to pen tasks. But in the use of these features, you need to have two phones, because you depend on which one to control anything that files that phone.

The flight time of this UAV is about 20~25 minutes, in the process of its flight, the ultrasonic collision system will start work on it, if the battery allowance is low, it will fly back.

According to the developers, it is hope to configure the ultrasonic sensors on the PhoneDrone in the future, so it can see and avoid obstacles while affect the flight. And we hope that we can directly control the aircraft by gestures.

PhoneDroneFor portable, PhoneDrone propellers can be folded up, it has a foldable mirror so that the mobile phone under the front of the camera, and the middle parts of the scene.

If you want self-timer and do not want to hold the rod, it can be high-altitude overhead 360 degree corner. Through the phone’s sharing capabilities, you can always picture the sun out. If you think it is good, and want to buy it, you can go on Kickstarter support a support is now priced at $199.


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