How can you get your copter away GL-3X Gimbal

GL 3X Gimbal

What can help your quad copters capture spectacular scenery on the sky? In addition to a camera, you need a gimbal to stabilize your camera. GL-3X Gimbal is a compact 3-axis gimbal which is applicable to gopro 3\3+. Integrated micro controller makes it more light. It is quite matched with DJI Phantom 1\2 .

GL-3X GimbalGL-3X GimbalGL-3X Gimbal is in light weight of 274g with a gopro 3 on it but it is high-strength. So it won’t add too much weight to your copter, which will not shorten the flight time. It is driven by a three 3-axis brushless gimbal that supports tilting and canting. Brushless Motor is a kind of motor which is very efficient, very quiet and much more powerful than the ordinary motor. The gimbal will react at lightning speed to compensate your drone’s movement, you will get perfectly stable video footage with the horizon always staying in the middle of the screen, I’m talking about the aerial footage you saw on television or movie, imagine that now you can shoot it yourself, sounds funny isn’t it?

GL-3X GimbalGL-3X Gimbal is also easy to use. It is assembled and debugged, as soon as you install it on your copter, it is ready to fly. It supports pitch, roll and yaw control. Your quad copters must really want to cooperate with it.

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