American UAV is allowed to fly out of sight in the future

American UAV

Friday local time, according to foreign media reports, Jim William, the director of FAA UAV Regulatory Office, stated at UAV Data X Conference that the current applied regulations for UAV needs to be adjusted. Nowadays, related legislation stipulates that UAV can not be used unless it flies within relevant departments’ control. However, FAA sets out to modify this regulation. William said, “ we understand that it means a lot to fly out of sight, and this will be one of the important parts we strongly develop in the next few years.” but as for Amazon, such kind of adjustment is not enough and the speed is too slow.

American UAVAlthough FAA has already granted the passport to Amazon to test the UAV delivery service, the procedure costed too much time. It generally takes one to two months to test in many other countries. Actually, other companies that apply for examination even wait for longer time that Amazon. Williams also recognized the fact.

Williams didn’t announce the concrete schedule about modifying the regulation, but he pointed out that with the continuous change of sensor technologies, UAV will definitely become safer and safer, and the remote distance will become longer and longer.


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