New Zealand is also the world’s first unmanned aircraft to air refueling?


At present, UAV has been applied to various fields, but the life of itself is hindering its progress all the time. A researcher of New Zealand came up with a docking system, which is expected to change this dilemma faced by the UAV. Daniel Wilson, a researcher at the university of Sydney in Australia, researchers in the field of robot, he has developed a way can make the UAV docking in midair and supplies, which is the world’s first docking system for UAV design.

UAVWilson said, they used a UAV which already available in the market but had highly improved by themselves tested in the experiment, and the battery life of the UAV can up to one hour. What’s more, this docking system allow drones in the air according to the demand for refueling or recharging when docking. The principle of this system can successfully run mainly relies on the GPS, infrared technology and some contained on inertial motion sensors and two UAVs-unmanned aircraft and one pilot followed an unmanned aircraft, two aircraft fuel or power transmission needs a “go” tube.


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