Reviews Of Parrot Bebop Drone

Parrot Bebop Drone

In recent years, UAV s find a hot market. Products range varies from specialized model priced at above ten thousand, to small-scale household drone with price about several thousand. Generally, more and more people have access to experience drones.

Parrot BEBOP DRONEParrot BEBOP DRONE ‘s official price is RMB3699, excluding extra controlling settings. The drone we got this time is a standard version. Package of this version is very compact. As long as you open, you can see the points and some enclosed accessories including two protection equipment, two batteries and charger, etc.

Parrot BEBOP DRONEWhat touches people is that there are four rechargeable propellers with ports in different standards, which enables this set of UAV can be used around the world without worrying about accessories problems. Besides, its instruction book is multi-language. The replacement of propellers is extremely simple, even though for a primary student, he can also manages to replace.

Parrot BEBOP DRONEAlthough the enclosed two batteries are big in size, their capacity is small in fact, only 1200mAh. Low capacity means short flight time, which will surely disappoints people. Fortunately, the batteries can be fully charged about one hour.

Parrot BEBOP DRONEWith batteries finishing charging, we can prepare to take off. BEBOP DRONE supports information transmission and remote control through connecting WIFI, offering frequency of 2.4G and 5G.

Parrot BEBOP DRONEThe UAV owns many kinds of sensors such as magnetometer, gyroscope, pressure sensor and so on. There is a vertical stabilization camera below the drone, it will capture ground image every 16 millisecond and compare with the previous to ensure a stable flight. BEBOP DRONE also supports various remote control guidance, like Android and IOS.

Parrot BEBOP DRONEHaving experiences of connection with UAV, you can click to upgrade firmware when the bundled software connects with network at next time. Then, bundled software will download the firmware to your smart phone and get upgrading when connected with UAV.

Parrot BEBOP DRONEThere has a simple teaching video on the main page of the software, when it is connected with an UAV, it will change into an operation entry automatically. There are also some other options, whose one on left menu can be used to check the drone’s capacity, watch or delete videos.

Parrot BEBOP DRONEParrot BEBOP DRONEParrot BEBOP DRONEHaving done all preparations, you just need to click the “takeoff”button, then the drone flies up and four propellers rotate at high speed at the same time. Many parameters of the UAV can be changed on “setting” and conveyed to the drone timely. Its maximum lifting speed is 3M\S, and maximum flight distance is 150m. In order to avoid over-high height, you can adjust them on “setting”.

Parrot BEBOP DRONE Parrot BEBOP DRONE Parrot BEBOP DRONEAlthough the UAV is very light and handy, it offers stable flight and will not be influenced by slight wind. It is also good at hovering .Apart from basic fly functions, BEBOP DRONE is able to complete preset movements like forward, backward and side flying. It equips with a GPS allowing it to return home automatically. But the prerequisite is that the GPS have already succeeded in positioning.

Parrot BEBOP DRONE Parrot BEBOP DRONE Parrot BEBOP DRONEThe camera of BEBOP DRONE is inside, which is different form DJI. However, with its hidden design, we can not install our own camera. Parrot bebop adopts F2.2 aperture and 1\2.3 inch sensor, being able to record videos at resolution of 1080p. In favor of the excellent resistance proof system, the images are very stable and clear.

Bebop drone’s camera can take photos and record videos under both video mode and picture mode.In conclusion, the biggest shortcoming of this drone is the short flight time that is about 10 minutes.


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