Reviews of EasySky ES-9908 drifter RC glider

EasySky ES-9908I got my EasySky ES-9908 drone several days ago. When i opened the box, I was delighted to see that my drone arrived safely protected by the foam package. Then I couldn’t help playing with it. Because this drone is not in ready-to-fly-design, i have to assemble by myself. But according to steps in the enclosed instruction book, i finished assemble in a short time. When the shape came out, i immediately fell in love with it. I have to say that it looks neat and fashionable, which is really suitable for fashionable young people.

EasySky ES-9908Finishing assembling and charging, i got ready to take off. EasySky ES-9908 owns unique and ultralight drifter wingspan that make it perform cool and steadily in the sky. Operation is also simple. Beginners can master the flying skills in short time. When it flied higher, i tried to make it carry out various movements. Common movements are just a piece of cake.

EasySky ES-9908What makes it special is the super aerobatic characteristics. Under my continuous try, i finally succeeded in guiding EasySky ES-9908 to do some difficult movements like loops, rolls, inverted flight . Seeing its agile shadow in the sky, i was so excited and satisfied. The equipped motor is awesome that make the whole flight powerful and smooth.

EasySky ES-9908At last, landing time was coming. One key to land simplified the complicated landing process, and of course, i landed safely and stably. My first and pleasant flight experience with EasySky ES-9908 finished. But this time, i was urged by my exciting mood, so i played without complete assemble. Actually, it can be equipped with FPV. I wonder the flight experience would be better by equipping with a FPV.

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