Why do we need UAV? Foreign Designers Homemade Aerial Artifact

Speaking of aerial photography, I believe we will invariably think of UAVs. But relatively speaking, the price of UAV is expensive, not ordinary people can afford. So, is there another way that can achieve aerial? Recently, a foreign designer brought us a creative aerial artifact. What is it? Have a look at it together.

Aerial ArtifactActually, the aerial artifact is a camera that revamped by ordinary digital camera, after the transformation, added a inflatable balloon. When in use, the hydrogen or helium gas falling into the balloon will take off with a digital camera. And it also comes with a joystick. With hundreds of meters control lines on the joystick, it not only plays a role in controlling the camera, also a shutter. After pressing, the camera will take a picture or a video.

Aerial Artifact Aerial ArtifactCompared to the aerial drones, this camera is more easy to use, and do not need to worry about that the battery will run out. You just need to hold the handle and it can be used. But at this moment, this products has not publicly released, and price is also unknown. I think, if your ability is strong enough, and have a certain electronic basis, you can DIY by yourself.

Article Source:ZOL

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