UDI U27, a high end looping flight drone


With quad copters becoming increasingly popular, our requirements on them also become more and more strict. A new drone called UDI U27 has been released in markets coming with stricter flight settings. Let’s have a look at it.
UDI U27Just looking on the images with the UDI U27 drone we can realize that it has a very good build quality. But I think it is necessary to tell you firstly that this drone doesn’t own a camera. Although it is bad news for film makers, i don’t think this is a shortcoming. On the contrary, without camera, manufacturer will focus intently on flight itself, and of course, its flight configurations will be better and more specialized.
UDI U27Specialized configurations but easy to control, that’s what a good drone should be. UDI U27 is a looping flight quad. It is in ready-to-fly design, saving much time on assembling for you. Headless model ensures you to fly in the sky within minutes as you don’t need to adjust its position before flying. The 6-axis gyroscope coming with strong stability allows your drone to easily and stably implement various flight movements such as up or down,left or right,forward or backward,single or double flips.

UDI U27Besides, the four motors it equips with make U27 a high end drone. Driven by them, owning a smooth flight and precise positioning in the sky is just a piece of cake. Carrying all these in one, UDI U27 is able to fly 5 minutes one time. Short but for such a little drone in size of 13.9*13.9*3.55cm and weight of 54g, it is enough! Last but not least, it supports automatic protection function, which will protect U27 drone from damaging.

UDI U27 , a small looping flight drone with high end configurations, available at Banggood now.

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