Matternet released a new commercial UAV sales $ 5,000

In the future, there is no doubt that UAVs will show its mettle in various fields, especially in some relatively remote rural poverty, or natural disasters and isolated areas, life must be convoys and other maior task will be use the UAV. Over the past few years, a new company called Matternet already tested their independent research and development of UAV delivery in Haiti, Papua New Guinea, Bhutan and other developing UAVs. Currently, Matternet is releasing a new commercial UAV sales $ 5,000.

Commercial UAVThe design of Matternet One UAV is very simple, anyone can use the smartphone connect to the Matternet One UAV, and then choose a destination to make it to perform a task. Besides, Matternet One can be equipped with a 3G or 4G SIM card, it will strike a steer clear of their aircraft flying the right route and other obstacles. Matternet One can carries an item of the weighed 2.2 pounds each charge, fly more than 12 miles. FAA regulations on UAVs still being work out, on the other hand, Matternet is applying regulators about Matternet One approval to operate.

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