Be ready to accept a surprising JJRC H8D


JJRC H8DWhat do you expect your quad copter to be? When i saw JJRC H8D at the first sight, i was very excited that it is the one that i want! This version comes with a much better build quality that makes it look elegant, and is more functional and powerful, with clear division for each component. If you are also interested in this copter, you can know more about it in the following.

JJRC H8DJJRC H8D is powered by a built-in battery that allows your quad copter to fly 8 minutes with maximum remote control distance of 150m. But how to perfectly capitalize on the valuable 8 minutes to fully show your excellent fly skills? H8D will help you.

JJRC H8DFirst of all, you need a good takeoff. JJRC H8D adopts headless mode, so you don’t need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying, which will save much time for you and you can fly in the sky within minutes. When it flies up, your show time is coming. The copter is able to do various movements. General movements such as ascending or descending, forward or backward; special movements like hovering, side flying even 360 degree rolling. All these can be finished wonderfully in the sky with built-in 6 axis gyro system that provides stable signals. While you are showing your excellent fly skills, the copter will not forget shooting for you.

JJRC H8DOn the other hand, it equips with a 2.0MP HD camera that captures special shot from different angles. Finally, your performance needs a perfect ending. One key to return function makes your copter easily to find the way home ensuring safe landing. If you perform at night, the built-in LED light will surely add extra score for you. In a word, JJRC H8D means perfect fly performance, be ready to accept a surprising quad copter!


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