RD340 Carbon Fiber, lighter frame kit for 6-Axis FPV Quadcopter

RD340 Carbon Fiber

RD340 Carbon FiberAs we all known that the components of quadcopter is as lighter as better, so it can fly quickly and long , and RD340 Carbon Fiber is the lighter frame kit to satisfy your desire. The total weight of it is 230 grams, included the screws. What’ s more, its main material is carbon fiber, ensuring the lighter weight of it. Next, I will introduce you some details of this type of frame kit.
RD340 Carbon FiberRD340 Carbon Fiber is suitable for 6-Axis FPV Quadcopter, with arm plate thickness 3mm and wheelbase 340mm. Standing on the side of elite enthusiasts, the manufacturers reduce the basic original wheelbase to 340mm, meeting the need of them to lighten the weight of the rack and extend the flight time. Looking at the completing form of it, you will find it is very suitable for you to DIY, at the same time, making it become the imagination quadcopter as you like. In addition to this, the carbon fiber material also lighten the total weight of the frame kit, all of these are set one purpose, just most likely to reduce the light of the frame kit so as to make the quadcopter flies more quickly and longer time.
RD340 Carbon FiberWhen you watch what I have written above, you may ask, RD340 Carbon Fiber has such a light weight, whether it will be unreliable during the flight or not? The answer is negative. There are two special designs of it. One is aluminum alloy spacer, which is light weight and reliable as well. Another is it is with rubber damper, which can decrease vibration during flight. Both of them are ensuring the flight safety of the quadcopter, therefore, you have no matter to worry about.
RD340 Carbon FiberIn summary, RD340 Carbon Fiber is suitable for 6-Axis FPV Quadcopter, which is lighter and more reliable.

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