XK X250 X350 X380 X500 Quad Copter


Generally speaking, a kind of quad copter will continuously come out different models with different functions to cater for different users’ needs. Today, i would like to introduce XK Quad Copter with models of X250, X350, X380 AND X500. I hope to help you make a proper buying decision through summarizing their common points and differences.

I will start with comparing XK Alien X250 with XK STUNT X350 as what they emphasizes is flight techniques and all their configurations are made for better flying. People who think highly of flying ability can take them into consideration. X250 is the smallest, lightest and cheapest one among the four with flight time between 8 and 12 minutes and remote distance of 300m. While X350 is a 6-axis copter with longer flight time and distance. The maximum flight time and distance are up to 18 minutes and 1000m respectively. The air pressure needle and one key to roll ensures X250 to do cool movement but remain safe, which is good for beginners. And X350 can easily do extreme 3D aerobatic flight with the help of its brushless motor and quick response ESC. I am also keen on the bright LED of X250 that make it so outstanding at night.

Now i am going to talk about XK DETECT X380 and XK Aircam X500. They not only own excellent flying ability, but also offer perfect shooting effect, in another word, they are ideal for film makers. They even in terms of flight time and distance, both of whom are 30minutes and 1000m respectively. X380 owns a gimbal with two gyros that can counteract the shaking camera automatically to take unique and amazing photo and videos. And its around point shooting helps to shoot what you want. While X500 is the most expensive one, available at red and white. It adopts 1080 HD sport camera that can capture the fast moving objectives very clearly.

Different models have their own features and advantages. The most important is to choose one that mostly suits you. Now, are you interested in these four models now?

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