Use Lego to DIY a kind of UAV that can fly and shoot

LEGO Drone Kit

Abstract: This kind of Lego drone is exquisite and the equipped four-winged propellers can fly it up. it also carries an external portable camera.

LEGO Drone KitAs for Lego fans, these amazing toy bricks can be assembled to anything in the world. Therefore, the people who love Lego will definitely be interested in its UAV emerging in Kickstarter.

LEGO Drone KitThe Lego UAV not only offers a complete set of components that can be built into an UAV, it also provides other equipment including flight and electronic equipment, and assembly order. The size of the whole model is very exquisite. As soon as users finish assembling, the equipped four-winged propellers can fly up the drone. Besides, it also carries an external portable camera, and users are able to see the images shot by the UAV after finishing shooting.

LEGO Drone KitThis kind of Lego UAV was designed by Ed Scott, and this product he created is the first UAV that can really fly but is built by Lego toy bricks. Although it looks like a toy, but as for flying and electronic hobbyists, it is a new challenge.

Ed Scott said, the Lego UAV is controlled by APM flight controller, it can also be used for family education and entertainment as it is a D-I-Y UAV.

At present, the crowd-funding price in Kickstarter is USD $200. Friends who are interested in it can watch the introduction video.

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