My dear XK A600 Airplane, thank you

XK A600

I was an introverted boy. I didn’t good at making friends but i eager to have friends. With the wish of helping me solve my problems, my dad bought me a airplane called XK A600 to encourage me to go outside and communicate with other people actively. And in fact, it did help me. I really want to thank this powerful and funny toy.
XK A600Finally, i took courage to carry my light XK A600 airplane to a grassland to play. As soon as i got there, i found there were many people playing copters there. I pretended to be natural and got my pro level 3D 6G airplane off. My copter took off soon and reacted very quickly and flexible on the sky like a real airplane. I was gradually absorbed in playing. The copter was in smooth operation under my control and had a stable flight performance. And it looks really beautiful in the sky, because it comes with a mini appearance, reasonable architectural design.
XK A600At the same time, i realized that this scene attracted attention of other players around me. They made a “Wow” sound. I felt so proud at the moment. And i can’t help showing more for them to see. I pressed one designated button, and then the copter was rotating and rotating. After flying 10 minutes, i had to land. So finally, the XK A600 landed firmly and safely. I fell so well about this airplane, and fell in love with it. Why it is so powerful? At first, due to the high efficient brushless motor. The high efficient 1404 brushless motor make the airplane is dynamic, and the 3D6G system stabilization and reasonable aerodynamic layout make flying is very stable, so beginners also can fly it easy.
XK A600Besides, the XK A600 airplane is equip with 7.4V 300mAh high discharge rate battery, powered flight time is about 10 minutes, and normal flight time is more than 15 minutes, so I can have more fun in playing it. In a word, I really love this toy, you can try to have one, just believe me.

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