CMOS Camera Module with wide range of application

COMX Camera Module

A camera module is an image sensor integrated with control electronics and an interface like CSI, Ethernet or plain raw low-voltage differential signaling. CMOS Camera Module with its modest dimensions can be used in wide range of applications. Together with its good performance, it succeeds in catching people’s eyes. Let’s enter its world and get to know it.
CMOS Camera Module
I am really satisfied with the camera’s resolution and enjoy an ideal shooting experience it brings to me. CMOS Camera Module incorporates a 1\4’’ CMOS sensor and lens with 115 degree wide angle. This camera enables me to capture full HD resolution of 700TVL movies as well as images from different angles that i want.
CMOS Camera ModuleCMOS Camera Module has a super light weight, which makes it be easily applied. It is suitable for RC fix-wing copter. Those who have already had a RC fix-wing copter deserve to equip CMOS Camera Module for your copter. Trust me, by its prefect cooperation with your aircraft, you can easily enjoy spectacular scenery from the sky. Besides, its package includes a signal cable which is used for flight controller and telemetry connection. In this way, you can save some money on buying copter components.

CMOS Camera Module
There is one more point worthy mentioning, that is the moisture proof paint covering the whole main board. This kind of paint is able to prevent CMOS Camera Module from getting moisture caused by air. Doesn’t it make our daily care for the camera become more convenient?

CMOS Camera Module is popular in home application and outdoor activities like aircraft.

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