Where are those manufacturing tablets? They are making UAV


Spring Global Source Electronics Exhibition which is the largest electronic products purchasing exhibition in the world, was opened few days ago. UAV became the biggest spots at the fair. Over twenty companies that specialize in manufacturing UAV attended the fair and almost half of them were from Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Mr. Huang , the CEO of Global Source Electronic Group, said when receiving an interview with a reporter from Southern, the global sales volume of UAV is anticipated to reach 4.25 million this year, which increase 65% compared with last year. It has an tremendous market potential and China is the country that possesses the largest production base for UAV in the world. And about half of the brands of UAV exhibited on American CES Exhibition in this year’s January came from China.

Sellers: pursue the hot wave of UAV

SF initiated expressing by means of UAV; UAV has been used to patrol and investigate illegal buildings in Shenzhen; DJI Technology Company that ever helped Wang Feng’s propose hit the headline,is doing a new round of financing with high value of assessment up to 10 billion. Similar events like that made a number of enterprises enter the area of  UAV.

A reporter from Southern saw South Digital Company, a company from Shenzhen specializing in producing smart watch and tablet, launched its first UAV. And Maijing Electronics Company originally manufactured airplane model ,but also issued its first UAV after investing millions of research funding,which is the cheapest one in the market priced at RMB1500.

MR. Yang, one of the founders of Guangzhou Yihang Technology Corporation Limited, told reporters that its UAV can be operated just through an APP on cellphone but not controller, which has achieved Fool Operation. It has been sold since this year’s January and has entered over 70 countries’ market. In the future, its functions will be extended to other areas, including agriculture and power line inspection.According to incomplete statistics, at present, about 200 manufacturers deal in production of UAV in domestic. The appliance area of future UAV will broaden from aerial photo, expressing to crop watering, electricity monitoring and rescue and so on. Mr. Huang , the CEO of Global Source Electronic Group, said many electronic companies making tablet in the first place move into the area of UAV now. And it is predicted that exhibitors of UAV will double at least at the fall exhibition.

Buyers: we only choose one kind of domestic supplier

In the quarter of this year, many industries like manufacturer, real estate and construction, are facing with huge pressure.  But under the background, Spring Global Source Electronics Exhibition succeeded in selling 5500 stands, which ranked NO one in its history. The exhibited electronic products were diverse, varying from house appliance,office to car electronics and electronic components. “the worse the economy is, the more channels that companies need to display their products products.” MR.Huang said, this exhibition attracted almost twenty thousand buyers around to world to come, including Samsung, Sony,Huawei and TCL. As for exhibitors, this was definitely a good chance to show. Noel Lee, the CEO of American manufacturer making audio and video line and earphone, coming all the way to this exhibition from LA to purchase, told the reporter that so many years, the domestic supplier can be divided into four kinds:OEM,ODM, imitation and creating. “as for me, i will only choose the last one. When i meet suppliers, my first question is that have you tried new material, color or design? What new technologies and creativity you can show me?

Article Source: ITHome

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