SKY Fighter JY001 , the cheapest quad copter in current market

SKY Fighter is mini and simple in design. That’s my first impression to it.  SKY Fighter JY001 enjoys a extremely competitive price that make it a strong competitor to other quad copters. Apart from pricing, the configurations it owns also allow it to be a qualified rival.
SKY Fighter JY001The fly with this 6-axis SKY Fighter JY001 is pretty stable and smooth.I remembered there were several quad copters flying at the same time with my JY001 that day when i played, and at the beginning, i was worrying it would interfere with the others. But in fact, it still flied on its own way and other copters seemed to be ignored. When its agile various movements displayed on the sky as usual, i felt so proud of this little gadget.
SKY Fighter JY001SKY Fighter JY001 takes beginners’ feeling into consideration ,and comes with dual mode of beginner and professional that can suit for all levels players. And i think this thoughtful design is helpful to attract potential customers. Also, the headless mode is tailed-made for beginners as you don’t need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying. Although headless model brings much convenience,i don’t like it because it lowers operative difficulty index while i prefer challenging operation.
SKY Fighter JY001Besides, I can’t imagine such a small body is also equipped with a HD camera with high revolution up to 2 million pixels. During its flight, it won’t forget to record beautiful scenery for you to enjoy after flying. I most like the LED light that make it like a shiny robot at night.

SKY Fighter JY001
SKY Fighter JY001 enjoys a longer flight time about 8 minutes and maximum flight distance about 100m but cheaper price. What are you waiting for? Capture one!

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