Win-Win Cooperation, Sony Cooperate with DJI provide aerial solutions

DJI Zenmuse Z15-A7

At present, Sony and DJI which is a leading brand on air photograph of unmanned plane, make a cooperation to provide an effective solution to the night scene of air photograph in unmanned plane. This solution mainly consists of Sony Full-frame Micro SLR Camera ™A7S and DJI Zenmuse Z15-A7*1. Full-frame Micro SLR Camera ™A7S is a photosensitive tool released by Sony in April,2014, and its high ISO can extend to ISO 409600, helping it make a easy shoot in dark environment. And it is able to take 4K video through the third party accessory. On the other hand, Z15-A7 holder supports three controllable shaft rotate speed, helping photographers and videographers have more imaginary space of air photograph. The cooperation between Sony and DJI will solve the problem of night scene of air shooting and all the charm of night scene can be appreciated. Moreover, it offers an effective solution to night scene of air photograph to individual and small-sized photography, video studio, even professional film and television company.

DJI Zenmuse Z15-A7DJI Zenmuse Z15-A7

As for photographers and videographers, it is worthwhile to pursue different angles of shooting all their lifetime. When unmanned plane adds wings to camera and video camera, and we fly and look down the earth like tercels, air photograph will become a fashion as well as an essential method to show our different perspectives. At present, there are many solutions to air photograph in unmanned plane on the market, but they are helpless for shooting in darkness and shimmer. So the solution to night shot raised by Micro SLR Camera ™A7S and Z15-A7 is borned for this.

Unmatched low light capabilityIncomparable Low Luminance Ability

A camera with high sensitivity and excellent picture quality is the primary condition for achieving nightly air shooting. Sony Full-frame Micro SLR Camera ™A7S adopted full-frame Exmor CMOS image sensor which has about 12.2 million effective pixels, and its range of ISO is up to 100-102400 ( static photos can extend to ISO 409600). It is able to capture more lights than that of the traditional digital camera, and can take clear and bright photos in darkness. At the same time, for enabling to easily capture the focus in darkness, A7S is equipped with a quickly intelligent automatic focusing system which can focus accurately under the low light EV-4. In addition, Sony implanted 4K video shooting technology into A7S, when connecting the third party accessory, users can enjoy the professional 4K shooting on the small and convenient full-frame micro SLR    ™ machine. Its range of ISO is up to 200-102400, likewise, it can extend to ISO 409600.

DJI Zenmuse Z15-A7 holder is a new generation production exploited on the basis of the past series of Z15 holders. Its creative design of mechanical structure helps holders maintain high stability along with ensuring free control, and easily makes a wonderful and unique aerial work. Z15-A7 holder internally installed HDMI-HD/AV module helps users to choose HD or AV output according to their actual demand. Besides, Z15-A7 holder adopted a DJI customized dedicated servo-driven module, directly integrating the drive on the motor module, featuring in high precision, low vibration and high torque. The controllable rotate range of holder reaches the direction of rotation ±360°,  can rotate continuously,  pitching direction+50°/-140°, and roll direction ±40°. Z15-A7 holder supports three types of working patterns, such as direction lock, non-direction lock and FPV, these three pattern can switch quickly so as to satisfy different picture needs of air shooting.

Multi-Rotor Flight Control System A2Multi-Rotor Flight Control System A2

Spreading Wings S1000+Spreading Wings S1000+

Zenmuse Z15-A7 holder can combine with professional multi-axis flight platform, flight control system of the rotor A2, DJI Lightbridge HD image transmission, IOSD Mark II video overlay system and 5.8G image transmission equipment, becoming the best overall solution to air shooting with high performance and cost-effective, letting you have a relax experience of one-stop professional air shooting.

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