How does WLtoys V666N surprise me

WLtoys V666N

Do you know there is a quad copter brand called WLtoys? Recently, it launched a new product called WLtoys V666N, and as soon as i saw it, i was keen on it. I was attracted successfully by its unique appearance which is made of four circles. I wondered and i was interested in how it flies. Driven by curiosity, i bought it.
WLtoys V666N
Having gotten along with WLtoys V666N, it completely surprised me. This 6-axis quad copter looks larger that others but it is light and durable. Some small impact just can’t weaken its morale. I said that i was interested in how it flies, and it didn’t let me down. It can do various movements, not only formal movements, but special movements. It is good at doing normal movements like ascend and descend, forward and backward. It also does perfectly in special movements of side flying , hover and 3D flips. I can see all those performance very clearly through the HD FPV monitor packed together with the copter.
WLtoys V666NI was pleased to find that WLtoys V666N is in good functioning and easy to control. It features strong wind resistance that gave me a stable flight. Its flying distance is up to 150m with maximum flying time of 7-8 minutes, and then it needs to be charged for 120 minutes, which make me dissatisfied. It could be so great if it could be fully charged at a shorter time. Am i too strict with this cute guy? But its LED light that makes it possible to fly at night remedies the regret.
WLtoys V666N
WLtoys V666N features stable, reliable, simple operation, automatically take-off and one key to land. It will surely bring you a enjoyable flight.

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