Fly on the cloud, overlooking the earth, review of DJI Inspire 1


The year of 2014 is the high speed development of unmanned aerial vehicles, and many manufacturers have released their own products, scrambling for the huge potential market in this year. There are some famous unmanned aerial vehicles manufacturers, such as, Parrot,3DRobotics,Zero Tech, and DJI. Especially the DJI, which is the innovation company in Shenzhen, has gained a leading position in global sales in a very short period of time. DJI Inspire 1 had been listed as the most attractive technology products in 2014 by the New York Times. What’s more, recently, DJI have released the newest Phantom 3 Professional, which has a lower price. After several generations of updates, DJI Phantom series has a wonderful user experience accumulation, which is very suitable for the beginners of unmanned aerial vehicles.

My Inspire 1 is single remote control version, which is sold USD $2899 in the official website, while the newest Phantom 3 Professional of DJI Phantom series only costs USD $1259. Both of them all support 4K video recording, however, INSPIRE 1 stays ahead of Phantom 3 Professional in many aspects. Therefore, choose the lower price DJI Phantom series or the more powerful performance INSPIRE 1, just depends on your money and requirement. Certainly, the rich people can go to buy DJI Spreading wings directly.

To return to the subject, INSPIRE 1 is the unmanned aerial vehicle which had released by DJI last year.


The transporting mode of it can be put into the random distribution big black box, which can be directly carried into the civil airplane and placed in luggage rack above your head.


The random distribution smart battery has 4500mA capacity, which supports about 20 minutes flying.


The fuselage adopted Streamlined design and the landing gears can be deformed to close the tripod during flying to get better aerial effect. What’ s more,  INSPIRE 1 has visual positioning function, in other words, ultrasonic waves function, which can hover in the air when there is no GPS signal. The remote control frequency button is set under this side’ s plane cover, which costs me much time to seek.

This is the propeller lock. Before your flying, you should check it buckled or not, avoiding the propeller flying away during your flight.

There is no propeller lock of the initial INSPIRE 1, and the DJI officially distributes this plastic lock to ensure the safe flying for the reasons of design. Nowadays, the metal rotation lock is the newest upgrade product. But I have not to have a try and I think the newest plastic lock would be more convenient than the plastic one.

The newest modular PTZ camera system of INSPIRE 1, highly supports  4K HD video recording and 12MP still photos taken, which can be stored as RAW mode. Moreover, it built in newest Lightbridge HD Video transmission technology, which offers more stable and clear images transmission and extends the transmission distance. Photographs and videos are stored in the SD card and we will send a random 16GB memory card.


Nest is the remote control and it is very solid workmanship. Compared with the remote control of Phantom 2, its function keys are full and there are two softkeys in the back side, which can be satisfied to your desire to set it. I set it as PTZ gyrus, which takes effect during the aerial shooting.

The remote control should be connected with iOS or Android equipment to control the plane.


DJI Pilot interface has full functions, which can set the return point, limit the flight height, control master and slave plane, set the flying mode, automatically return in low electricity condition and so on. What’ s more, you can adjust the  video resolution here. DJI adds the function of transporting the stored videos and photos from the camera to phone, which very intimate design and I can upload them to the circle of friends of weixin immediately.

If you are the novice, you should fly in the freshman mode under the GPS opening condition, and its automatic taking up and taking off are helpful for you. There are instructions and teaching courses in the “collage”of the first page of DJI Pliot, what’ s more, there are practices of flight simulator.



It should be ensured the safety before flying

This point is very important. You should choose an open area to fly, what’ s more, fewer people and no buildings or trees around. Before your flying, you are sure to check the battery charge of aircraft, the tighten condition of propeller and propeller clock, PTZ connection is locked or not, the remaining capacity of SD card, the power of remote control, if there is GPS signal, suitable function of remote control is set or not, the UV mirror is stalled or not and so on. If the accident happen, it is very terrible for your plane to hit the people or the vehicles.

In addition to, DJI has set the limit flying in some airports or no-fly zones, such as a few rings within Beijing, we have to consciously obey the local laws and  regulations, which will not bring us some troubles. There was a report that DJI Phantom 2 flied in the lawn of White House and picked up by the person of Secret Service. OK, if you do the full preparation, let’s go and fly.

Here are a few INSPIRE 1 JPG picture

Summary: INSPIRE 1 is one type of unmanned aerial vehicle, which with cool design and powerful performance. Especially its flight stability and solid workmanship, leave me deep impression. During the progress of shooting, the aircraft is very stable and the wind resistance performance is good. If your economy condition permits and you want to experience the pleasure of the shooting of unmanned aerial vehicle, I don’t think you have the reasons not to buy it. I’ m sure you will be as the same of me, experiencing the spacial places of INSPIRE 1.

However, if you just want to overlook the Earth in a new perspective of the shooting and have no high demand in the performance, the Phantom series are excellent enough to meet with your needs. More important is, the prices of the Phantom series only cost half of INSPIRE 1.

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