MJX X-900, Small Size RC Quadcopter, 3D Flips and 3D Rolls Give You Different Practices

Do you know there is one type of helicopter called hexacopter? MJX X-900 is one kind of it, which is also one type of RC quadcopter and the special place of it is that it is made by nano. The appearance of MJX X-900 is small and interesting, just like a hexagon spider. 8.5×9.5x2cm appearance makes it look unbelievably pocket-size and it can fully place in one hand. 2.4grams weight let it fell compact and it can do more difficult movements during operation.

MJX X-900
MJX X-900 is small but complete. The excellent place of it is that it can do various movements. It can do not only formal movements, but special movements. The formal movements, such as up and down, turn left and turn right, leftward and rightward, which it can fly perfectly. Moreover, the flashlights which stand for its special are these movements, such as side flying, 3D flips, and 3D rolls, all of these can be realized only through one key roll button.

MJX X-900
However, just like the coins have two sides, the same as MJX X-900. The controlling distance of it is 150m, so you have to fly it in a small area and could not leave it far away. Another shortcoming is that its operation time is 5 minutes, therefore you have to spend a little time to take off.

MJX X-900
Looking the product of MJX X-900, we all admire its elegant and fashionable appearances, and excellent workmanship. For its small shape, it is easy to control and carry out, and it also can be operated in small place. Amazing aerobatic flying, such as side flying, 3D flips, and 3D rolls, bring you more joyfulness during your playing. Just try, you will be love it.

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