The Newest Product Of UDI: UDI U841-1 RC Quadcopter

UDI U841-1

Recently, UDI has officially announced their newest product, the UDI U841-1 RC Quadcopter. Now, let’s look close and know more about this little quadcopter together.

The design of UDI U841-1 is very lovely. With larger LED’s under for orientation during night flights, the controllers have been completely redesigned, allowing for more control during aerobatics flights. On the other hand, this cute quadcopter is much lighter than another quadcopters, the official weight is only 52g.
UDI U841-1
UDI U841-1 RC quadcopter is available in two versions, standard and deluxe. It comes with a complete 2.4Ghz 4CH 6 Axis system which allowing for stability, wind resistance and easier aerobatics. Otherwise, this model can be equipped with a HD camera that can help you record the video and image. The quality of the video remains to be seen, but being able to record aerial footage is always a fun thing.With a 4Gmemory card, you can record as many things as possible and don’t need to worry about that it will out of memory soon.
UDI U841-1
Unlike other quadcopters, the wheels of UDI U841-1 RC Quadcopter were popularized by the famous Parrot mini drone and were implemented by other manufactures latter. It not only can offers great protection to the quadcopter, also can allow it to roll over all kind of surfaces, such as walls or even the ceiling.
UDI U841-1As we all know that, controller is one of the most important things for a quadcopter. The new quadcopter comes with a different controller, which is more comfortable and powerful than the previous UDI U830 quadcopter. Obviously, this controller will certainly improve the overall flying experience. By improving its controller, adding an HD camera capable of recording at 1280X720 and incorporating wheels, what’s more, it is more cheaper than other new quadcopters. In a word, I think UDI U841-1 RC Quadcopter will be a good choice for you.

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