Flycker Scorpion X4 ,the ideal RC Quadcopter Frame

Flycker Scorpion X4

Quad copter frame plays an important role in the flight of your copter. Flycker Scorpion X4 is a frame tailor-made for Flycker Scorpion X4 RC Quad Copter, which would ensure you to enjoy a more safe but playful flight experience. Now let’s know more about this frame in the followings.
Flycker Scorpion X4Flycker Scorpion X4 features flight stability, high strength and foldable design. It is 580g in weight but it can support load weight up to 1kg and takeoff weight up to 2.2kg. It is able to hover 22mins without any other components on it while the load hover time is 17mins. X4 can be equipped with a power battery of 4S 5200mAh 15C Lipo. As for motor, I recommend you to install a 2810 KV750 brushless motor. By doing that, it will help to bring out its best and ensure your copter to have a perfect performance on the sky.
Flycker Scorpion X4Compared with other products of the same line, i think it enjoys many advantages.Flycker Scorpion X4 possesses higher standard on high-performance aircraft design that allows your quad copter to fly higher than others but keep stable. Its foldable design makes your copter be able to fly in different postures ,and also will be convenient to place as well as makes it possible for you to take it to everywhere you go. Besides, it have a strong vitality that it just needs your simple maintenance but it can accompany you for a longer time than others.
Flycker Scorpion X4There is no doubt that, Flycker Scorpion X4 is the perfect-match frame with your Flycker Scorpion X4 RC Quad copter. Higher flight, stronger stability, simper maintenance and longer life. Let your copter enjoy a wonderful flight with X4, I think you will never regret with it.

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