Types of Multicopter LiPo Power Cable Connectors

Your quad may already have a battery connector and don’t assume you will always get the same connector in a replacement battery, usually people develop a preference and stick with that, so if you have not chosen your preferred connector this might help you make an informed decision.

In the larger quads there are 3 main types of connectors, we will briefly explain each one.

LiPo Power Cable
Bullet connectors

Usually the standard for new batteries however if not pushed in completely  can disconnect with a rough landing or excessive vibration.

We have a range of LiPo with these bullet connectors, if you are ordering these style connectors be sure to also get the corresponding connector to match, the most common it the 4mm bullet connector.
LiPo Power Cable
Deans-T Connector

The connection of a deans T is strong and hard to separate however these are ones to avoid, although in the past they were standard connectors they are rarely on new batteries. Problems with this connector are difficulty during the initial soldering that is often frustrating and in the cold, the Deans T is harder to separate.

If you are a loyal deans t-connector user then be sure you grab the originals, many fakes with less reliability and strength are in the market. Deans-t to XT-60 adapters are available too, but it is better to replace them as connection converters are extra, unneeded weight to your project.
LiPo Power Cable
XT-60 Connectors

These are taking over as the most popular Lipo standard connector, XT-60 is easier to solider and has a better design then Deans T connectors. When ordering most also are available with a pre-soldered length of wire already so replacement and setup is much more easier and faster.

This has covered the battery connectors Deans-T, XT-60 and Bullet connectors for LiPo batteries and hope it helps you in your next DIY quad project. If you think I’ve missed one of your favourite connectors let me know.

Reprinted from Banggood Blog, the original link: http://bit.ly/1FGSFJQ

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