Ten Uses Of UAV, There is always One beyond your imaginatio


Thanks to technological advances and the capital, consumer UAV presents an unprecedented development in recent years, but its uses is no single as you think, because in addition to the aerial, it still has a lot of interesting tricks can certainly bright blind your eyes!

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UAV photography, new perspective of the world

In the first UAV photography contest which held by the “National Geographic” magazine, GoPro and other companies, Dendi Pratam from Indonesia had used captured the hover over the goshawk in Bali island national park, to show the unique perspective.

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Forced the highest anodyne artifact

There is no doubt that UAV brings a new perspective in the field of undoubtedly. But the occasion to shoot landscape is much larger than self-Timer, so a product called Zano’s Profile UAV was born, specialized in all kinds of self-Timer bloodsuckers.

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Zano comes with Mini shape, weighs only 55g, good portability, you can put in inside your pocket. Although the size is small, but its performance is really advances and powerful, not only the fuselage built-in multiple sensors, even a 5-megapixel camera also blended in optical image stabilization technology, intelligent enough to use them.

London restaurant uses UAV sales sushi

A Japanese restaurant in London began to try to use drones to give their customers the sushi. There are two built-in cameras inside the UAV, so  the employees can through the ipad to operate the UAV in the store.

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Highway Monitoring

In the United States, crisscrossed with about 4 million miles of highway. Administration layer $ 75,000 grant for research UAV checking roads and bridges, laser mapping and alarm handling accidents.

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Outdoor Emergency

In November this year the Dutch Alex Momont envisaged a UAV for first aid. It is the object services for the elderly with heart disease. When they fell to the ground because of the disease of cardiovascular, while others at a loss the UAV will take the drugs and equipment for emergency fly around the elderly, convenient others give first aid.

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Track Oil Spill

Commercial manufacturing precision Hawk UAV company recently developed a UAV which can help ecologists or oil company to collect water samples,to help them carry out ecological studies or track oil spills.

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UAV Delivery

Amazon UAV plans according to the amazon video on YouTube, and the drones of amazon’s imagine will uses GPS navigation, fly to send the books, food, and other small commodities to the doors of customers directly.

Delivery drone
UAV mine, soldiers can rest!

After the civil war legacy of bosnia and Herzegovina mines will damage from time to time until now, it is said that the country now has about 120,000 mines buried in the ground. UAV company CATUAV, space-based services company Telespazio and the European Space Agency of the team is trying to use UAV to aerial detection in the mines of possible area.

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Relief(military brother’s plane is large!)

In relief, the UAV can also be widely applied, it can access to some dangerous areas to find survivors, such as earthquake or radiation area, to do some dangerous things instead of humans.

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Do bad things

A few days ago a UAV carrying 6.6 pounds of methamphetamine, crashed in a Mexican supermarket parking lot near the California border, it serves as a reminder that drug cartel might like other industry or government departments it reminds people that drug cartels may be like other industry or government departments, non-use of increasingly popular HMI to engage in criminal activities.

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UAV, like all technology is a double-edged sword, how to avoid disadvantages is that we need to think.

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