DJI Phantom 3 upgrade again: 4K video + visual orientation

DJI Phantom 3

Summary: It can be regarded as the civil promotion of professional technology, and has established its leading position in UAV market once again. For ordinary users, this upgrade also makes UAVs have more playability.
DJI Phantom 3
Now, DJI issued a new machines is faster and faster, we can see that this industry is maturing. Two new products DJI Phantom 3 Professional & Phantom 3 Advanced have just been released, as DJI wizard series of third-generation products, the Phantom 3 integrated HD image transmission, visual positioning system, three-axis stabilization and many other leading technology. In other words, such as arguably the devolution of the content of the Professional version before the ordinary users, the entry-level price $999, which is also a selling point.

The most important promotion of Phantom is integrated with 4K camera, which can make the flying shooting tools has stronger ability of image, and the addition of non-spherical components can eliminate lens distortion, more conducive to aerial photography. In addition, the maximum f2.8 aperture, and 94 ° camera shake space also bring more convenience for video capture. In the control area, Phantom 3 flight control system upgrade again, with GPS and GLONASS double satellite navigation system, which can achieve high precision constant and fixed-point hover. Actually, DJI has been part of the industry-leading in this part, whether professional or ordinary level players all have good control experience.

DJI Phantom 3
But the most impressive is the visual positioning system, we know that the UAV can achieve precise hovering outside and handling are dependent on dual satellite navigation, but they were powerless in indoor, in the part, this kind of situation is extreme test user operation skills, accidents have also occurred, but this time the Phantom 3 has joined the visual positioning system, the built-in ultrasonic sensor perceived texture and relative height on the ground, let its implementation hovering and flight. As we all know that, this function only appeared in the Inspire 1 professional models which priced at $2,899, for ordinary users, there is no doubt that it will increase the playability of the UAV in complex environment.

In addition, the Phantom 3 also upgraded many other aspects, APP interface, batteries, propellers and image transmission system and so on. It can be regarded as the civil promotion of professional technology and has established its leading position in UAV market once again. On the other hand, this promotion also makes UAV has more playability and better handing.

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