Answer Revealed: OnePlus DR-1 Drones Released

OnePlus DR-1

A few days ago, the OnePlus had released a new product campaign poster which is easy to make us to imagine it is about game handle from the content of the poster. But today OnePlus officially revealed the answer–OnePlus DR-1 drone, it is really unexpected, and this drone is selling on a overseas website currently, priced at $19.99.

OnePlus DR-1
According to the official information, OnePlus DR-1 helicopter is a four-axis aircraft, known as the world’smallest remote control aircraft. It comes with 12.5±2.5g weight, and the body size is 70 * 28mm, besides, it built in a 3.7V 100mAh Li-Po battery, only need to charge less than 20 minutes and you can fly from 5 to 8 minutes continuously at a time.
OnePlus DR-1 OnePlus DR-1 OnePlus DR-1 OnePlus DR-1Take a closer look at the overseas edition website of the OnePlus, we found that in the drone introductory page, the last one bearing the words “Happy April Fool’s Day from OnePlus!”, but don’t think it’s a spoof of April fool’s day, the OnePlus DR-1 drones are indeed on sale, but for a limited edition.
OnePlus DR-1
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