Hexacopter X-900 The next step in Micro evolution

MJX X-900

MJX X-900MJX X-900 Is, if real and not a publicity stunt, the Worlds First Micro Hexacopter (Leshans Toys)

There’s a new micro beast on the horizon, this Nano Hexacopter Labeled the MJX X-900 was spotted on Leshans Toys website, then removed quickly. The quad nanno market has been flooded with Cheersons and other almost identical quads, now an era of 6 motor hexacopters just maybe the next craze.

More detailed specs about the MJX X-900

We dont have any information yet about the specifications of the MJX X-900; all we have are these photos and can see:

  • Similarities to Cheerson in terms of the motor and frame style including led’s on rotor ends;
  • Large battery box at the bottom, possibly indicating removable batterys;
  • 3D Flips;
  • 6 Axis Gyro;
  • Black or white frame; no indication of multicolored options.

When will the X900 be available?

Banggood is usually great at sourcing fast so if available we will be one of the first to offer this, but maybe under a different name. This is a Chinese based company and we are likely to see a range of copycats emerging in the next few months. Just like the micro quads there will be many brand names for essentially the same product so the race begins, who will have it first and what brand will dominate.

The Cheerson CX-10 took the world by storm with its cheap price and multicolored options. If decently priced the MJX X900  has similar potential and could revitalize the Micro sector.

Reprinted from Banggood Blog, the original link: http://t.cn/RA5LktE

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