FPV Frequency Pros And Cons

FPV gear

FPV gear

If you are looking to get new FPV gear it is important to weigh up the differences between the frequencies and decide early on what one you like as changing frequencies often requires a while niew setup.

Here is a basic summary of each of the key frequencies available for your FPV gear. To help you with the decision

The Lower Frequencies – 900MHz and 1.3GHz

  • Less influenced by objects and reflections
  • Operates on a less crowded airspace
  • Compatible with 2.4G Transmitters
  • Can cause GPS interference
  • A limited range of gear is available in this frequency

Standard Frequency – 2.4 GHz

  • Widely available range of gear and accessories
  • Minimal GPS interference
  • Reflections and solid objects can interfere with range
  • Heavily crowded spectrum
  • Can’t use with 2.4G Controllers

High Frequency – 5.8GHz

  • Widely available range of antenna
  • Minimal GPS interference
  • Easily blocked by solid objects
  • Only a small range of transmitters and receivers available

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Reprinted from Banggood Blog, the original link: http://bit.ly/1OTheZi

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