What YouTubes New 360 video format means for FPV and Quadcopters in 2015

360 video

Lofoten’s video above is more then a standard video, its part of Google’s new interactive video format that uses 360 degree capture and allows you to adjust the viewpoint as you are watching it. The effect is similar to Google Maps Street View and ads an awesome dimension to videos.

How Can I Make 360 Degree YouTube Videos?

Of course if you are wanting to get into this style of shooting you need a 360 camera or an array of cameras covering all angles. During the sunrise phase of this technology it wont be affordable to get right into this but Google is working with manufacturers to create a seamless format that is easy to capture and upload. If you are keen to be part of the first steps in this tech cameras are available now but are more then $300 dollars. As YouTube is directly backing this tec uptake is expected to be fast and we are predicting this will be something GoPro and its competitors will be quick to develop.

Quadcopter And Virtual Reality Evolution  – The trickle down effect

Both the camera and the software tech paves the way for advancements in any camera mounted situation, for us at Banggood we see potential developments enabled by 360 degree cameras in our top category Toys and Hobbies, specifically how 360 video can advance FPV control and experience.

  • For all our quadcopter videographers – It could mean you no longer need to rotate your quad to the right angle to get the shot as you will be capturing all angels from one perspective.
  • FPV Headless Possibilities – It could also be developed together with headless mode so you can essentially fly FPV headless and the video automatically rotates as the quad rotates.

360 Video brings possibilities to numerous industries and it will be the hot technology to watch in 2015, it has huge potential do revolutionize the video industry. If your not yet ready to invest in a 360 camera we have one of the best ranges of action cameras and Quadcopter FPV accessories.

I would love to hear comments on what you think about this new 360 Vision tech and where you predict it will make an impact.

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