The Best Quadcopters for Beginners in 2015


As a beginner you will always crash and want something small and inexpensive during your early days of flying. Models of this size usually don’t do well outdoors on breezy days and are difficult to see against natural sunlight. It’s better to learn the basics indoors where the weather will not interfere with flight, allowing you to familiarize yourself with navigating and flying the quad without the worry of fighting wind. After practicing with these smaller models, you can graduate to more sophisticated larger models such as the DJI, Walkera and WLtoys models, which can be flown outdoors in windier environments and have a large set of functions.

What Features to Look For

The basic 4CH is enough to get your hands around; just make sure you choose a mode 2 controller if you have never flown before.

Mode 2? There are 4 modes available, each mode has the same functions just the control sticks are configured differently . The vast majority of flyers learn mode 2 and we also recommend this mode as some models only have mode 2. Once you learn a mode it is better to stick with it as if you change your brain will have to relearn what the control sticks do.

Recommended Models

We recommend the Cheerson, Hubsan, Syma and WLToys micros for anyone who’s looking to start flying. They’re easy to fly, affordable and have some advanced features. Make sure to read through quadcopter reviews online before making your final purchasing decision.

The budget Cheerson CX-10

Cheerson CX-10


Our top pick for the beginner is the CX-10 it has a full raft of accessories and is a small investment compared to the others, for under $20 you can get one. The only drawback it there is no exchangeable battery. If you get this be sure to grab a training frame and some extra blades.



The top rated Hubsan
Hubsan has becomNew Version Upgraded Hubsan X4 V2 H107L 2.4G 4CH RC Quadcopter RTFe a well respected brand for the beginner quadcopter market. Three models to look out for are the X4 H107L RTF and the H107D FPV X4 Mini RTF. The X4 H107L is the most basic kit but doesn’t come with a camera. If you’ve got the cash I’d recommended spending a little more to get the H107D FPV X4 Mini RTF it has the capability to record videos to an SD card with a first person view (FPV) controller. The controller features a 3.4 LCD screen that also has 6 axis gyroscope stabilization control. It has received great ratings for these features as well as its powerful motor lift capability, if you have the budget and see yourself progressing to FPV then it’s your match .


The big Syma X5C Explorer
Syma X5C

The Syma X5C 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Explorers tout high ratings too and is one of the least expensive larger beginner models that come with a video camera. On top of that they do well in both indoor and outdoor conditions because of their 6 axis gyroscope used for stabilization. It also is the only one here with spread spectrum teThe Fun WL Toys V959 chnology, allowing the user greater remote control at larger distances.




The Fun WLtoys V959
Wltoys V959
The WLtoys V959 is another great quadcopter that features a built in camera, 6 axis gyroscope, search lights that can be triggered with a transmitter. Its remote control distance is up to fifty meters. The most fun aspect of the WLToys v959 are the add-ons such as bubble gun, gattling gun, water gun and camera and can really add some extra layers of fun once you are more advanced.

Whatever you decide, have fun and remember, always check local rules and regulations if you are flying outside. Flying is a hobby but it is also important to be responsible and safe. Happy flying!

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