DYS G3 3Axis Handheld Steady Camera Gimbal for Gopro3/3+/4

DYS G3 Gimbal

Photography actually is a kind of art or fashion! The way you shooting determines what it looks to be. For instance, you can simplify but improve the operation with DYS G3 Gimbal. Yes, what I’m going to talk is the 3axis handheld steady camera gimbal which utilizes wire free design for stunning experience.

DYS G3 Gimbal
As you can see, there is only one button on the long bar to reach all modes shooting. Pictures and videos can be clearly and steadily captured with its help. Speaking this, there are 3 modes catering for every ground environment after being tested from the intense rigors of radio controlled flight applications.

DYS G3 Gimbal
Doubly pressing the button is to enter into “heading and pitch follow” mode. Pressing the button one time to reengage “heading follow” mode is to lock the angle of desired pitch. Besides, the gimbal can be switched into inversion mode to capture low angle view more, easily by pressing the function button for three times in succession.

DYS G3 Gimbal
As for selfie, you have to firstly turn DYS G3 Gimbal 180º, so the function interface is facing you. In addition, the 3axis handheld gimbal is compatible with Gopro 3/3+/4 and sports camera in the size. The internal limit to hide all wires ensures extreme wireless control feel.

DYS G3 Gimbal
Great design with special thumb screw retaining and mechanism makes DYS G3 Gimbal quite stable, even when the gimal moves at high speed. With additional extension bar position and light-weight design, the camera will have more flexible shooting angle and broader view.


DYS G3 Gimbal
DYS G3 Gimbal Features
1.Suit for Gopro Hero3/3+/4 camera
2.Aluminum handle ensures a good grip and can be easily manipulated with one hand.
3.Light weight, easy to carry, easy to use, PLAY & PLUG.
4.Ultra-low-angle shooting can be easily achieved, using more than two hours
5.The simple 3 mode design can cater for every ground based environment.

DYS G3 Gimbal Package includes
1 x 3Axis Handheld Camera Stabilizer
1 x Camera Holder
4 x 16340 Battery
1 x 16340 Battery Charger
2 x M2x12 Screws

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