Fantastic Gift: Wltoys WL929 Mini Electric RC Submarine

Wltoys WL929

When children are at very young age, they show a great interest in playing water. It’s very dangerous if kids walk along a pool or a lake without parents looking after. Why not let them have fun indoors with Wltoys WL929? The mini submarine, painted with a cute shark, is quite stylish in appearance. As parents, we should always find the safest way to make children happy!
Wltoys WL929If you are vexed about how to choose a funny toy for your fastidious children, maybe a mini submarine like Wltoys WL929 can cheer them up. The fantastic submarine could be a birthday gift or Christmas surprise. I bet many children have played RC boats, but not all of them have experienced such unique and stylish submarine. To some extents, the submarine contains features that a RC boat possesses.
Wltoys WL929Shipping on the water surface really makes a submarine like a boat, actually it’s more funny than a boat. Additionally. Wltoys WL929 can easily rise/descend or turn left/right in the water. What’s more, it allows to move forward and backward. If skillful to operate the controller, more fancy stunts allows to reach. As the old saying goes “practice makes perfect”, children may enjoy the amazing diving after times practices.
Wltoys WL929Furthermore, the mini submarine adopts patented technology of absorbing water, draining off water as well as turning in water. That is to say, water will never get into the inner of the submarine. In addition, Wltoys WL929 possesses low voltage protection feature. When the battery in relatively low power, the submarine will automatically rise to the surface.
Wltoys WL929Last but not least, the mini submarine Wltoys WL929 is uneasy to break by incidental collision or hard dash due to the first-grade plastic material and exquisite workmanship. With exquisite design and eye-catching style, I think no kid could refuse such special RC toy. Measured 27.5x99x39mm in size, it allows to freely ship or dive above/in the water! Have fun with it!

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