Wltoys V363 2.4G 6Axis Ultrasonic Headless Mode RC Quadcopter

Wltoys V363

Hey guys! Have you ever flied Wltoys V262 or V666? Honestly, this series quadcopters share lots of common features. And this time I’m gonna show you something about Wltoys V363. The quadcopter is a brave flyer measured 530mm in length and width, 105mm in thickness. Considering its size, you’d better fly it outdoors somewhere there is large space.

Wltoys V363
Utilizing flight control system with integrated 6axix gyro, the quadcopter is extremely stable and smooth in rising, descending, turning left/right, moving forward/backward. Let alone, Wltoys V363 is capable of hovering, rolling, 360º flipping, crabbing, etc. Because of the adjustable 6axis gyro, this quadcopter can automatically correct its attitude when it deviates the operational direction.

What’s more, Wltoys V363 is the quadcopter which fits for all levels pilots. For instance, it supports headless mode. The flying direction usually keeps consistent with the nose. Under headless mode, the flying direction has nothing to with the nose wherever it points. Even if you’re entry-level pilots, you can enjoy very amazing flights. Never worry safety problem since this quadcopter adopts ultrasonic wave height!

Wltoys V363
Additionally, Wltoys V363 is unexpectedly durable. There is a special protection cover made of EPP material around the whole copter, which can effectively reduce sudden impacts caused by error operation. The streamlined fuselage makes it easy to maintain or change the battery. Speaking this, one full charge will supports 8mins flight. And the control distance is about 80-130m.

Last but not least, Wltoys V363 adopts four the shining LED lights hanging under the shafts, which ensures both day and night flights. Due to its regular shape and enough room for installation, you can decorate a circle of colorful lights around the protection cover. In my view, this is the most attractive quadcopter in large size, cause you can freely make it what you want it to be!

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