HG P401 1/10 2.4G 4WD Bigfoot Climbing RC Car Review

HG P401

Owning a stunning car is the dream of every young teenager! Maybe we can’t afford it, but we can’t stop being passionate about it! Today I’m going to give a review towards recently popular HG P401, a 1/10 2.4G 4WD Bigfoot climbing RC car. How could you deny a really racer amazing both in appearance and performance! Here we go to have a closer look at the new favorite.
HG P401First and foremost, HG P401 is an 1:10 simulation of climbing dynamo-electric model car, which is accurately measured 490mm in length, 265mm in width and 25mm in height. The simulating RC car is highly modeled according to the real off-road car! As you can see, there are LEDs built in the front as well as the head of the silver shell. Whatever perspectives you take on, it will make you fondle admiringly!

HG P401
Taking off the shell, you can see a concise base with every necessary parts included. Different from traditionally vertical motor, transverse motor design endows HG P401 with better CG, which makes it more stable while walking and running. Meanwhile, transverse power system ensures shorter transmission distance, resulting in less power consumption. Besides, you can clearly see the simulating pedals.

HG P401
What’s more, HG P401 adopts the liquid suspension system with durable springs, which enables it to deal with sudden impact easily as well as flexibly. At the same time, the simulating RC car utilizes four hydraulic shock vibration system, which is very delicate in appearance. Working with independent suspension system, the monster truck will show better stability and bounce.
HG P401Furthermore, both front and rear wave tanks of HG P401 metal gear. Meanwhile, the front and the real axles take bevel gear high-load reduction drive system. Have ever noticed the big-foot wheels made of durable nylon? Actually, there are three treads, 280mm, 290mm and 300mm, you can choose in line with the actual situation. Generally, the off-road car can run on any kinds of ground like the sand and the cliff!

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